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The iPhone is out of the new and universal Flash Player

When a user playing a video in a web browser, 75 percent of cases it is a piece that runs through this player from Adobe. In total, 98 percent of the world’s computers have it installed, according to data released by the company. In recent years due the growth of the online play with bandwidths, users were also showing more interest in sailing with their mobile phones.

Until now, most ‘smartphones’ have used a limited version of the player mainly because of their limited processors.

However, public demand and the power of the new models coming to market will have encouraged Adobe to release a new version that will run on computers, desktops, laptops and ‘netbooks’-like mobile phones.
According to the company said in the website of the BBC, this new version will accompany the vast majority of mobile phones to appear well into 2010, opening a world of possibilities in the palm of the hand.

Perhaps one of the most striking news is that this aplication will not be fully compatible with iPhone, the multimedia content player that is surely the ‘smartphone’ most popular marketplace. According to Flash, the new Flash Player 10.1 does not be compatible in principle with the iPhone, although it can run operating systems like Windows or Leopard domestic or mobile as Symbian or Android.

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