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App Store Updates » Mac » Apple launches spots get a Mac VS Windows 7

Apple launches spots get a Mac VS Windows 7

Begins to be custom for each new release of Windows is accompanied by a corresponding spot Get a Mac, Apple. This time Macintosh attacks with three spots.

The first Broken Promises (The Proposition), Apple makes fun of how each new operating system launches, Microsoft promises that the flaws of the previous version have been fixed.

 [youtube id="lP1zmNVMuqw" w="300" h="250"]

Teeter Tottering (The Swing) tells how Anne wants to switch to Mac, and the PC, acted by American humorist John Hodgman, try to avoid it.

 [youtube id="jn1MCb_zHFE" w="300" h="250"]

Finally, PC News shows how a group of Windows users take advantage of the release of Windows 7 to switch to Apple, repeating the argument: “As we have to collect all our stuff, why do not happen to a computer which is the number one in customer satisfaction? “.

[youtube id="uCKGP5WIWSw" w="300" h="250"]

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