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The New iPad

ipad11Apple unveiled its Tablet PC, the iPad. Ending months of speculation,without any official indication from Apple that the product exists.

Now begins the phase 2: revicion of bloggers who attacked all the defects of the new gadget and all its virtues extolled tariff comparisons and give the necessary elements for future improvements.

The new iPad actually goes on sale in April. when no longer will havecomments from bloggers and experts but end users and their valuable feedback.

The iPad is, as predicted, essentially a giant iPod Touch: aluminum-backed, half-inch thin, with a 10-inch screen surrounded by a shiny black border. At the bottom, there’s the standard iPod/iPhoneconnector and a single Home button. It will be available in modelsranging from $499 (16 gigs of memory, Wi-Fi) to $830 (64 gigs ofmemory, Wi-Fi and 3G cellular).

The cellular signal will be provided by AT&T for $15 a month (250megabytes of data transferred — think e-mail only) or $30 a month, unlimited.Those AT&T deals involve no contract. You can cancel whenever you like. And since this thing isn’t a phone, you don’t have to worry about dropped calls; you’re paying exclusively for Internet service.

Apple argues that virtually all of the existing 140,000 iPhone apps run fine on the iPad.

The iPad can take much more utility as an e-book reader. considered by some experts as better than the Kindle, not to mention that has color and requires no external lighting.

The use of design programs, Movies, videos, TV and Web browsing, newspapers run properly in this new gadget.

There’s an on-screen keyboard, big enough to type on with both hands in the usual way. And Apple will offer a specialized multitouch word processor, spreadsheet and presentation app for $10 each.

Like the iPhone, iPad is or rather can be a tool of 1.5 pounds of great potential and can increase our productivity.

but still we have to wait some months to have a more solid opinion according to the feeling of people about this new product

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