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The Top 10 Interior Design Apps

For those of us interior design aficionados who are already attached to our smart phones, here is some further reinforcement. You can download a wide variety of interior design apps for your phone or iPad that make the process of examining and modifying interior space much easier! But with the flood of apps comes the need for discernment: Which apps are the absolute coolest? Well, let me tell you, my friend:

1. Color Capture by Benjamin Moore: How many times have you tried to judge color schemes or choose fabrics from a photograph, or from memory, and it turned out awful? You’re not the only one. Color Capture by paint company Benjamin Moore offers a convenient solution. Simply snap a photo of any object or surface, and Color Capture will instantly pull up a color match from its bank of over 3,300 colors. Not only that, but Color Capture can offer you up to four additional, complementary colors to work with. This app also offers a searchable full-spectrum color wheel for drawing on inspiration wherever you are!

2. ColorSnap by Sherwin Williams: Essentially the same tool as the Color Capture, but offered by a different paint company. The one you go with will depend mostly on your brand-name preferences, although, the ColorSnap does offer the unique ability to tweak the colors to account for lighting and hue differences.

3. I. D. Wood: Trying to decide on wood floors? Need to find just the right hardness for your building project? The I. D. Wood teaches you anything and everything you would ever need to know about different species of wood on your portable device! Compare, identify, and discover interesting qualities about the woods in your life!

4. Mark on Call: I’m not sure if you know Mark (Mark Lewison the interior designer, that is), but you can have him available at all times to help you design, arrange, and coordinate furniture, colors, space, and décor. This app gets perhaps the highest “marks” according to most ratings for its sheer functionality. Set up your room’s dimensions, draft a floor plan, test out pieces of furniture, and snap photos of fabrics and colors to “skin” them on to the virtual landscape. Nothing comes closer to actually seeing your plan beforehand than Mark’s app!

5. Dream Home HD: This app is a virtual library of interior design ideas. Browse through hundreds of photos uploaded by professional designers and other app users to compare styles, colors, and themes. Additionally, under the ratings section, check up on what images and styles your peers are voting as the most popular. Works offline!

6. iHandy Carpenter: This app is simply outstanding. We all know that many smart phones today are sensitive to movement (hence the screen can turn with the phone). iHandy Carpenter uses this to your creative benefit. This app turns your phone into a bubble level, ruler, protractor, plumb bob, and surface level. The tools are profoundly functional and the graphic is simply beautiful. Great for Fathers Day!

7. Homelogic Mobile Control: If you have a Homelogic system that interfaces all of your home’s lighting, security cameras, electric, entertainment, pool controls, thermostat, and even the garage door(!), then go mobile with the HomeLogic app. Without getting out of your chair, turn on some music, change the temperature, start heating up the hot tub, or turn off the lights in another room. Since this app is based on an internet connection, you can do all of these things from anywhere you can get a wi-fi connection. Already at the airport but forgot to turn off your AC? No worries.

8. Handy Man DIY: This app is like having your own home improvement expert in the palm of your hand. Plan a project, calculate dimensions, build a shopping list, find a cost estimate, and access both written and video tutorials on how to do almost anything yourself!

9. Eden Garden Designer: Ok, so gardens don’t really fall in the “Interior Design” category, but any good interior designer knows that a great indoor space should be crowned with a great outdoor one! The Eden Garden Designer allows you to create your own photo-realistic, personal garden on your phone, or snap a picture of your existing garden and test different arrangements or variations before actually breaking the soil!

10. Home Improvement Glossary: One of the most intimidating aspects of really jumping into home improvement for the first time is the lingo. Don’t know what backflow, compression fitting, or ABS is? This glossary is the perfect companion to navigating DIY manuals and conversing with contractors.
Download and enjoy!

Author Bio: Ethan S. writes on behalf of Design55, a UK-based designer furniture shop that is poised to meet all your Home Décor needs!

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