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Stay Motivated! Top 10 Boxing Apps for Your Smartphone

Whether you want to improve your boxing technique or just want another fitness app to add to your collection,  Smartphone’s have some of the best ones to help you take advantage of instant entertainment, news and tools at your disposal. Explore the following top boxing and fitness news apps, tips to improve your athletic skills and the motivation to keep pushing through a strenuous workout.
1.    Beatdown Boxing – At $3.99, this Smartphone app is just what you need for a entertaining boxing video game. Its graphics are rich, and for the price can’t be beat for this quick and easy on-the-go entertainment.  Perfect for the Android phone, it’s great for any boxing fan who wants to see a realistic punch here and there, and although it is 2D, it’s entertaining and keeps you busy throughout beating its 15 opponents.
2.    Boxing Illustrated – If you need true motivation to improve your kicks and punch, look no further than this free Smartphone app. Perfect for the beginner to boxing, it allows you to explore some incredible still frames and information to get you hooked on the sport.
3.    Boxing News – This boxing app is made for Android users and one of the top boxing apps of its kind. Overall a great app, it contains the most up to date boxing information, great news source content and is clearly designed.
4.     Workout Timer – If you want a personalized trainer hooked up to your Smartphone, look no further than this practical boxing game to improve your tactic and skill. Added bonus? It’s free.

5.    Aces Boxing Club Round Timer – It’s just like you’re in the ring or at least this Smartphone app’s timer will make your think so. Practice on your own and set this app’s timer for 2 minute or 3 minute rounds, with rest periods of 30 and 60 seconds in between.

6.    In2Shape Round Timer for MMA, Boxing and Fitness – This new app made for Android and Blackberry isn’t just a great app for the boxer in you but anyone you know of who appreciates martial arts and fitness circuit training. Have fun setting up its easy training program, have a great workout on the go and appreciate the results.

7.    K-1 Boxing – A boxing app for the Android, it is full of the best Thai boxing videos from the top fighters in the world. Full of great graphics and fearsome fighting, its entertainment no matter how much or little you know about the sport.

8.    Boxing for Beginners – Just as the title of this boxing app implies, it covers a wide spectrum of info about the sport, specifically for the beginner. Think jab and cross combo, shadow boxing, safety tips, abs workouts and more. Under $4.

9.  Adidas miCoach – Great for the pre-boxing workout, it offers not only a complete workout regime, but preset weight loss plans. Free.

10.    CardioTrainer – A great fitness app for the boxing fitness guru or anyone athletic who wants to improve their motivation and results. It tracks your workouts, comes with a GPS tracker and best of all provides a motivational message to keep you on the treadmill when you need it.

Author Bio: Heather J. writes on behalf of, a UK-based boxing gear company that features Rival Boxing gear and all your essential boxing needs!

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