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The Top 10 International Travel Apps

Tired of visiting your cubicle every day? Why not visit another country for a change of pace! And, while you’re internationally bound, you won’t want to forget to load up your Smartphone with these fun, informative and news-related international phone apps to ensure a smooth trip. Here are some of the top travel apps to help your trip be a success from start to finish.

1.    TripIt – This handy travel app has everything you need to make your departure and destination a success. Once you send your confirmed itinerary to TripIt, it will place all your details in one spot, such as your rental car, hotel and flight info. This app doesn’t fall short of details to help you have a smooth ride from here to the other side of the world, including airplane seat advice, maps and driving directions. A bit more pricy than other apps ($69 a year) it’s worth it for the traveler on the go.

2.    Kayak – Kayak has become one of the most popular travel sites and with good reason – it’s one of the most comprehensive travel finders with the convenience of a one stop destination. Get the Kayak app which is great for Android and Blackberry phones for free and if you need more help from an app, the next one on our list is bound to give you the support on your international vacation that you need.

3.    ZagatToGo – There’s nothing like an international flight to get you in the mood for a meal. This Android and Blackberry friendly phone ranging between $10-$20 in cost will give you reviews of some of the best restaurants in your country of choice. Stay clear of other apps like LocalEats which only covers American restaurants.

4.    Wi-Fi Finder – Combining your vacation with pleasure and business? You’ll find this Blackberry app most helpful. Compatible with the Android phone, this free app will help you find the wifi spot closest to your hotel, hostel or airport.

5.    Bieks Talking Phrasebook – Want to bargain in the markets or order a beer at the discotheque but can’t remember how to say the word? Bieks is a super-helpful talking app that won’t just display the word and translation for you on your Smartphone but will also pronounce it. Babelingo is one of the best ones, considering it suggests phrases in English and then how to say it in your country of choice. $1.99

6.    PrinterShare Premium – This app is great for on the job traveling. It offers an easy way to send files to a wireless printer. For Android users $5.

7.    Where – Looking for the nearest coffee shop or gas station? Where is a travel app perfect for your Android, allowing you to find just what you’re looking for. Free.

8.    SitorSquat – This one comes in handy when you really need to…go. Find that restroom in over 100,000 locations and best of all its free on your Blackberry.

9.    WorldMate – As one of the best Blackberry apps around, this one will help you find that flight you need to track or weather update, all for $14.50

10.    TripCase – For $4.99 on your Blackberry, you can find hotel and restaurant reviews, booking info and the best attractions.

Author Bio: Heather J. writes on behalf of, your source for the exotic vacation of your dreams!

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