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Top 10 iPhone Apps to Help Stretch Your Dollars

A couple of hundred dollars saved per month goes a long way: it translates into savings of $2,400 a year just by being smart about spending your money. Here are some iPhone apps to help you do just that:
1. Grocery iQ
Grocery iQ is an app that helps you prepare your grocery lists prior to shopping, and sorts them by aisle. What makes it so easy to use? You can snap pictures of the items you need to automatically populate your list and it will find all applicable money-saving coupons for your grocery list.
2. is an on-the-go budgeting application that allows you to be in better control of your cash flows by updating information from all your bank accounts. It also alerts you on pending bills and late charges can be avoided. It also provides investment and related financial advice.
3. Carticipate
Want to save money while reducing your carbon footprint? Carticipate promotes “social transportation” and saves precious $$s on gas money. How, you ask? Upload your travel plans by posting your destination and the time you expect to leave, and this app will match you up with fellow “carticipants” who have similar plans.
4. Dinner Spinner
How many times do you find yourself throwing away leftover food or ingredients that have gone bad without being used? This frequently takes place in households with picky eaters. Dinner Spinner allows you enter your choice of ingredients and returns with recipes from that uses all of your ingredients. You can also use the same technique to exclude certain ingredients if a family member is allergic to any. With this app, you can reduce your food budget considerably and enjoy new dishes every day of the week.

5. Shop Savvy
Take a picture of the bar code of the product you’re interested in buying, and Shop Savvy will search amongst online and offline merchants for the best deal for you. Editors at CNET awarded this app 4 out of 5 stars because this app alone can justify the splurge on your smartphone and help pay for itself if this app is used for most of your shopping!
6. Money
Money is your personal finance assistant, available 24/7 and within easy reach at all times – in your pocket. With this app you get the ability to view all your bank accounts and outstanding credit cards in one screen, which allows you to plan, budget and schedule transactions. It is not only an app for individual users, but small business owners can also benefit from the use its use to maintain income and expenses.

7. iXpenselt
Along the same lines as Money, iXpenselt has a clean interface and is an add-on to your personal accountant. With this app, you can track your budget and cash flows, and as an added feature store all your receipts in your phone by snapping a picture of each. This app is hence a must for those shoppers who question their purchases after bringing them home, since it serves for easier and faster refunds and exchanges.
8. Shopkick
Shopkick is a treat for window shoppers. With this app you earn “kicks” for simply walking into 250,000 participating stores. Earn enough “kicks” to qualify for rewards, and to accelerate your earnings scan barcodes of featured products and unlock exclusive deals.
9. iBeer Efficiency
This is an app designed for all those who fancy spending their Fridays in the bar. To help save money, iBeer Efficiency has a platform where you enter your drink preferences along with the price of all available drinks at a bar. This app will return with the most “efficient” concoction in terms of delivering the most punch for the least price, so you can save on your party weekends as well.
10. Coupon Sherpa
Coupon Sherpa makes using coupons for your purchases hassle-free! This app allows access to coupons associated with exclusive deals as well as in-store coupons available on the internet. It saves precious time, and you do not have carry a dozen cut-out coupons to the store every time.
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