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On the Road Again? Top iPhone Road Trip Apps For the Free Floating Traveler

Cranking up that music while you drive down a long stretch of open road works best when you know where you’re going. For your next long road trip, don’t forget to pack your iPhone with MapsBuddy, one of the many convenient apps made just for your free stylin’ drive. Imagine this: you, no cares in the world and all the tools you need for the perfect road trip available with the click of a button.

1. MapsBuddy. One of the worse feelings in the world is not knowing where you are, especially when it comes to a rinky dink town you find yourself lost in when you should be at your sister’s home in Jackson Hole. Don’t spend half your trip feeling dazed and confused and instead download this app, perfect for getting where you need to go. Connected to Google Maps, it offers categories like easy to find restaurants, libraries, hotels, etc.

2. Roadtrip. A great app at helping you budget your road trip more accurately, it offers a tracking device, expenses and fuel economy.

3. Cheap Gas. Who isn’t on a gas budget these days? Cheap Gas will make sure you find the most cost effective tank to fill up yours. Whether you’re in the city or country, Cheap Gas will find the best location for your cheap gas needs.

4. The Weather Channel. A road trip can bring along surprising changes in weather, so to be best prepared as you venture into tornado or earthquake weather, load up your iPhone with this app and stay on top of it.

5. Packinglist. You know you’re going to pack your car to the rim. This time, pack it with stuff you’re really going to need! With over 300 useful items to not leave home without, Packinglist is a perfect app for anyone – regardless of how short or long their trip is.

6. Trapster. There’s nothing like a road trip to lead you right into a speed ticket. Download Trapster on your iPhone and you’ll know when you’ve hit speed traps and those very annoying red light cameras.

7. iSpy. Perfect for the kiddos in the back seat that can’t sit still and insistently
repeat “are we there yet” during miles of endless road. Pass back your iPhone and let them be entertained for hours. $.99 to download.

8. Trip It. Feeling the organizational bug while you plan your road trip? Want a strategic way to see the most you can of your country? Then use Trip It, a great tool for compiling your itineraries, and what they’ll additionally give you are maps, driving directions and a great way to keep your friends and family in the loop with where you’re going.

9. Wi-Fi Finder. A perfect app anytime you can’t live another minute without access to your Facebook page, Twitter or that gossip website. Wi-Fi finder taps into 200,000 hot spots so wherever you are – from San Fran to Cape Cod, it can find the nearest hot spot for you.

10. iWrecked. No one wants to think about an accident, but the longer you’re on the road, the higher your risk for one. This necessary app will help you to email your accident report and document photos from the scene.

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