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10 iPhone Apps to Stay Legally Informed

In the busy lives that lawyers and those who work in the legal field lead, an iPhone can be an efficient and convenient tool. There are several iPhone apps for legal professionals who need quick references and current information. These are useful for anyone who works as an attorney or for one. They contain some classic works, quick research tools and news feeds. Here are the top 10 iPhone apps to help you stay legally informed.
Legal References
1. Cliff Meier Reference Apps
Cliff Meier, from Waffle Turtle Software, has written several different apps that provide legal professionals with the text of commonly referenced U.S. code. These can either be browsed or searched through. The current versions cover: bankruptcy, the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, the Federal Rules of Evidence, trademarks, patents, copyrights and securities.

2. Black’s Law Dictionary
Black’s Law Dictionary is now available on the iPhone. While this app is priced significantly higher than most apps, Black’s is a legal standard. This is a handy version of the classic.

3. LawLibe
The engineers at The Law Pod have created many law-related apps. The LawLibe is one of their free ones, of which there are several. This one is designed to help you keep any apps that you have downloaded from The Law Pod organized. It is their app library and contains numerous documents. For any apps you purchase from them, they make a donation, to support scholarships and grants for law students.

4. The Constitution from Clint Bagwell Consulting
There are several apps available that contain the Constitution. This is a free version. Download it now, because every lawyer in the U.S. should have a copy of this document available. Unless, you have the entire Constitution memorized.

5. Title 28
Title 28 allows users to search, bookmark and email sections of Title 28, the section of Code that explains the federal court system and civil procedure.

6. LexisNexis Get Cases and Shepardize
This is a light version of LexisNexis’ online case catalogue. The app allows users to search cases and access case summaries by case citation.
Easy Research Tools

7. Wikipanion
Wikipanion is a free app that allows you to quickly find anything on Wikipedia. This can be helpful for quick references.

8. Google Mobile App
With the Google Mobile App, users can enter search terms into Google by voice command. Similar to Wikipanion, this is one of the fastest ways to gather information.
News Feeds

9. Twitterific 2.0
A Twitter client is necessary to follow other professionals in the field. This is well-designed and has an intuitive interface.

10. NetNewsWire
NetNewsWire is one of the better apps for managing RSS feeds. This can help you monitor any new developments on the most useful websites.

To succeed in the legal profession, whether as a top-level attorney or an administrative assistant, you must be informed. With these 10 apps, your iPhone can be the quickest, most convenient and most useful reference tool available. It can hold classic documents and legal references, allow you to search for information quickly on Wikipedia and Google, and stay up-to-date on the news. These are 10 must-have apps for any legal professional.
Author Bio: E. Steadman writes for NSB Civil Rights, a law firm made famous by attorney Barry Scheck, who was depicted by Peter Gallagher in the 2010 film Conviction.

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