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10 iPhone Apps to Stay Legally Informed

In the busy lives that lawyers and those who work in the legal field lead, an iPhone can be an efficient and convenient tool. There are several iPhone apps for legal professionals who need quick references and current information. These are useful for anyone who works as an attorney or for one. They contain some classic works, quick research tools and news feeds. Here are the top 10 iPhone apps to help you stay legally informed. Legal References 1. Cliff Meier Reference Apps Cliff Meier, from Waffle Turtle Software, has written several different apps that provide legal professionals with the text of commonly referenced U.S. code. These can either be browsed or searched through. The current versions cover: bankruptcy, the Food, Drug and … Read entire article »

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On the Road Again? Top iPhone Road Trip Apps For the Free Floating Traveler

Cranking up that music while you drive down a long stretch of open road works best when you know where you’re going. For your next long road trip, don’t forget to pack your iPhone with MapsBuddy, one of the many convenient apps made just for your free stylin’ drive. Imagine this: you, no cares in the world and all the tools you need for the perfect road trip available with the click of a button. 1. MapsBuddy. One of the worse feelings in the world is not knowing where you are, especially when it comes to a rinky dink town you find yourself lost in when you should be at your sister’s home in Jackson Hole. Don’t spend half your trip feeling dazed and confused and instead … Read entire article »

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The Best of the Best! Social Media Marketing Apps for iPhones

The Best of the Best! Social Media Marketing Apps for iPhones

Are you a social media expert on the go? Maybe you’re just learning about online marketing and want some tools to move you in the right direction. No matter what your goals are, use your iPhone to install some killer tools that you, your business and your website can’t live without. 1. Facebook. Being the king of social media, Facebook is a must app for any iPhone holder. Want to stay in touch … Read entire article »

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Top 10 iPhone Apps to Help Stretch Your Dollars

A couple of hundred dollars saved per month goes a long way: it translates into savings of $2,400 a year just by being smart about spending your money. Here are some iPhone apps to help you do just that: 1. Grocery iQ Grocery iQ is an app that helps you prepare your grocery lists prior to shopping, and sorts them by aisle. What makes it so easy to use? You can snap pictures of the items you need to automatically populate your list and it will find all applicable money-saving coupons for your grocery list. 2. is an on-the-go budgeting application that allows you to be in better control of your cash flows by updating information from all your bank accounts. It also alerts you on … Read entire article »

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The Top 10 International Travel Apps

Tired of visiting your cubicle every day? Why not visit another country for a change of pace! And, while you’re internationally bound, you won’t want to forget to load up your Smartphone with these fun, informative and news-related international phone apps to ensure a smooth trip. Here are some of the top travel apps to help your trip be a success from start to finish. 1.    TripIt – This handy travel app has everything you need to make your departure and destination a success. Once you send your confirmed itinerary to TripIt, it will place all your details in one spot, such as your rental car, hotel and flight info. This app doesn’t fall short of details to help you have a smooth ride from here to the other side … Read entire article »

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Stay Motivated! Top 10 Boxing Apps for Your Smartphone

Whether you want to improve your boxing technique or just want another fitness app to add to your collection,  Smartphone’s have some of the best ones to help you take advantage of instant entertainment, news and tools at your disposal. Explore the following top boxing and fitness news apps, tips to improve your athletic skills and the motivation to keep pushing through a strenuous workout. 1.    Beatdown Boxing – At $3.99, this Smartphone app is just what you need for a entertaining boxing video game. Its graphics are rich, and for the price can’t be beat for this quick and easy on-the-go entertainment.  Perfect for the Android phone, it’s great for any boxing fan who wants to see a realistic punch here and there, and although it is 2D, it’s … Read entire article »

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