BK Package Disabler (Android)

BK Package Disabler (Android)

Bloatware Removal, Disable, Freeze & Hide App (Package) & Service on Android

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 2.3.9
  • Updated: October 23, 2017
  • Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
  • Installs: 50,000 - 100,000



Work on Android devices 5.0+ (PRO version)
☆☆☆Easier to setup on Samsung devices (Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8, etc), work well on Nougat 7.0+ ☆☆☆

This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

☆ BK Package Disabler (Android) is the good tool which help you disable application (package) and service (Installed, Bloatware and System) on your Android devices, make them disappear, save your RAM usage, Battery life and improve your Performance. All disabled package is marked unavailable from running and updating.
☆ One tap to disable or enable all Bloatware (pre-installed apps, widget apps,...etc)
☆ BK Package Disabler (Android) also work with almost Samsung Galaxy devices (Galaxy S5, S6/S6 Edge, S7/S7 Edge, Note 3/4/5, etc) and works well with almost Rooted device
☆ Disable Gear VR service, you can use your Gear VR headset with Cardboard apps and games. Gear VR app will not be auto launched until you enable them again

If you can not active the SDK license, setup following this instruction below (complicated):
1. Support Android 5.0+ only
2. Go to [Settings], go [Accounts], then remove All Accounts
3. Enable Android Debugging mode of your phone
4. Run command "adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.kunkunsoft.packagedisabler/.receiver.DPMReceiver" on your computer terminal
5. Reboot your phone, now you can add your accounts back and enjoy this app
(For Detail Instruction: https://kunkunsoft.wordpress.com/setup_device_owner_2)

Main features:
✔ Disable Package - disable/enable Installed, Bloatware or System package
✔ One-tap enable/disable packages support for more than 100 Bloatware (pre-installed packages)
✔ Disable Service - disable/enable service (open Detail app dialog then click on [Service] button to use)
✔ Advance Disabler (Samsung) - support to temporarily disable Camera, Cellular, Home Key, Power Off
✔ Export/Import XML file - export/import disabled packages list to external storage, support to Backup and Restore disabled packages list feature
✔ Custom Bloatware list feature - edit and custom Bloatware list by yourself (support by [Set Non-Bloat] and [Set As Bloat] function)
✔ More Options - support to change name, add shortcut, launch, stop and uninstall packages (Root)
✔ Clear application Data - save your memory, battery and improve your performance (Root)
✔ One-tap Clear Data of Disabled packages - quickly to clear data of disabled packages
✔ Favorite packages feature - save your favorite packages, quickly to access
✔ Filter(top-right corner icon) - disabled packages list, running packages list, farvorite packages list, running services list
✔ Multiple Custom Widgets - quickly enable/disable any package or packages group
✔ Password Protection Mode - lock this application by Passcode (offline)
✔ Material Design - simple and easy to use
✔ Support Plugin for Tasker

- This application requires Device Administrator permission [android.permission.BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN] to work. If you want to remove it, Go Setting -> Security -> deactivate Device Administrator permission of this app

How to uninstall:
- Open this app, select Menu (3 dots at top-right corner) and select Uninstall this app
- In other way, Go Setting -> Security -> deactivate Device Administrator permission of this app before uninstall normally

Important Note:
- Please enable all packages, even apps that you consider bloatware before the system update (OTA)
- Always be careful to disable Critical (System) packages, unless you are sure that it safe to disable.
- We recommend to all of our customers backup your devices, your data before using this application

We would love to hear from our customers. If you have any problem, questions or feedback about this app please contact us at [contact@wakasoftware.com]


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  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Jerry Killian Published date: October 24, 2017

    I totally love this app. It was one of the first apps I installed when I got my S8+ and immediately bought the add on. Verizon is notorious for bloatware, and Samsung has their fair share on here too. I'm able to pick what apps and services that I want running or available. The export feature is a great plus, too. I give 5 stars, but you guy deserve more. Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Rebecca Collins Published date: November 4, 2017

    Great App!!!! So easy to use! Gets rid of everything you don't use & makes it so much easier to manage. I LOVE The fact that I can disable factory data reset which Is a fabulous feature!!!! Now, at least, if my phone ever gets lost or stolen, i have chance of getting it since the factory data reset can't be forced :) Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    John Woodgate Published date: November 18, 2017

    It worked perfectly! NO MORE BIXBY!! So simple even I could use it without a hitch! Just follow the directions. The patch for the app fix even comes up during installation via Play Store, didn't cost extra and installs with a prompt from the app. Took me less than a minute to get rid of that friggin Bixby! Buy it!!! Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Emma Published date: November 5, 2017

    When you are ready to customise your own device this is the ultimate app. I was about to glue the Bixby button up its that bad, maybe in time samsung will admit they got it wrong when they took drugs and dreamt it up and I hope they will make it user designated friendly but till then hell no. Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Ron G Published date: November 13, 2017

    Terrific app for breaking free of crapware! Let's you immediately see the results of what you removed (disabled). Also includes brief description and quick search for something you might not be sure of. Easy enough to navigate with a palatable UI. Haven't had to interact with dev yet but sounds like they are on top of it if you have any problems. Makes for a 5 star porno in MY book! Thanks Dev! Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Jim Published date: December 16, 2017

    Excellent alternative to Package Disabler Pro, which has disappeared off the radar for some reason. This app is slightly more expensive, but does everything i hoped it would. Primarily, getting rid of the constant badge notifications, and the never ending reminders from Device Maintenance. Perfect for tweaking services and notification settings just how you want. Awesome app! Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Steve Norton Published date: December 10, 2017

    Working great on my old Samsung Note 4. Disabled S Health , Gear, and Smart Setup. This old phone does not have active phone service so you can do away with the Activation Setup message from Verizon every time you reboot. Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Derron Giovanni Published date: December 13, 2017

    This app is absolutely perfect for doing everything it claims it can do. The developers made an amazingly easy to use UI and this app's capabilities are incredible, especially for all phones that aren't rooted!!! I 100% recommend this app for anyone who knows what they're doing and wants to free up space on their phone, or manage apps and packages (even individual app services). This app does it all! It displays all bloatware, manually installed apps, and all system COMs and services. BE CAREFUL disabling certain services though, you may seriously damage your phone's system UI; **so it's best to backup your entire phone before starting to use this app!** My favorite feature is the ability to "Google it!" when you click on any of the listed pkgs and services, in case you want to understand exactly what it is that you're about to disable or erase! Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Koop Lubbinge Published date: December 13, 2017

    i installed to take care of the battery drain and overheating of phone due to gear vr.. blocked gear vr but does not seem as if it blocks it always. battery drain occured twice since blocking.. i lose about 30% in 5 minites with massive heat build up.. never installed or used gear vr. Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Eddie Hines Published date: November 13, 2017

    I love this app so far. It allows me to do things that I should be able to do by default. Being able to disable app badges and Bixby is amazing. I do wish you could backup the default profile you have to tinker with, but that's a minor nitpick. Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Connor Adams Published date: December 3, 2017

    I love the app! It works pretty well. There is one thing I would like to address though. If you have a Samsung device, leave all Knox apps enabled. Comment and rating edited due to my problem of not finding the "Disable Bloatware" button. Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Shawn Park Published date: November 19, 2017

    The only reason I bought this app was to disable Gear VR and stopping it from draining my battery. I was skeptical if it would work without root but it did so I'm giving it full 5 stars!! Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    David S Published date: October 30, 2017

    Disabled bixby after they have him a female voice and started jabbering at me at work about using voice to unlock device. This app shut her down perfectly. Thanks! Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Jason Partlow Published date: December 10, 2017

    I got my Galaxy S8 direct from Samsung, so it wasn't loaded with unwanted carrier apps, but there were still some things I didn't need or want pre-installed. Various launchers of course can hide those apps, but I see no reason to leave them running, consuming resources. Anyway, I've found that this works very well. Quick and easy to install and configure. Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Erik Helman Published date: November 1, 2017

    I'm impressed what this app can do to suppress Samsung's annoying bloatware without the hassle of rooting. Will rate 5 stars when I can move both BK and BK add-on to the SD card. Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    stephan janilewski Published date: November 30, 2017

    App dosent work. I disabled Samsung dex home. This app is still running in background and consuming data and battery. Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Adam Massey Published date: October 25, 2017

    Don't write many reviews, but this makes an actual improvement to battery life. Can actually get a full day on my S8 disabling bixby and VR etc. Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Evan J Published date: November 8, 2017

    This is a freakin awesome app! Helps save on battery and eliminate unwanted bloatware! Thank you very much! Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Dawn Jenkins Published date: December 3, 2017

    I have an galaxy s6. I got this app to be able to do hotspot. But i still cant its saying ....all apps associated with this action have been blocked, turned off or not installed. If anyone knows how to fix please chime in. Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Blank Page Published date: November 26, 2017

    Got this to disable Samsung Game Tools after a recent update made it impossible to disable. Ended up working, and got rid of a lot of other junk too, freeing up about 300MB of RAM. Great app, worth the purchase. Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Hattie Swag Published date: November 15, 2017

    Works exactly as advertised, saved about 0.7 GB of RAM and nuked all the Samsung bloat as well as bixby. 5 stars! Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Timothy Williams Published date: October 31, 2017

    Disabled Bixby on Verizon Note 8! I never setup Bixby and didn't want to. This disabled Bixby button (so annoying) and several other blostware apps with minimal effort. Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Kurt Gramoll Published date: November 15, 2017

    Worked as advertised. A bit messy installation process, but I understand why. Solved getting rid of bloatware without rooting. Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Weka Mouse Published date: October 27, 2017

    Good it disabled BIXBY SPYWARE that seem to take control of most apps esp pissed me off when Bixby would control my camera to point miss good photo ....thumbs up guys good app Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Published date: December 3, 2017

    For those of you, who, like me, purchased this app for some free stuff from Samsung Themes Store, don't bother and don't waste your money. It does not work for this ( theme keeps revertong to the original one). I had nothing annoying which i couldn't get rid off, but i said "let's disable bloatware if i bought it". Wooooow, 1% improvement in battery, 50 mb in memory (which is nothing). So, if you ask me, great marketing, poor product. Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Published date: November 25, 2017

    This app has cured most of the problems, or at least lessened them, on my new Galaxy Note 8. Gone is the Samsung rotware, such as Bixby, the annoying Samsung Keyboard (that ALWAYS replaced my Google keyboard whenever I attached my phone to a hardware keyboard) and the broken, unresponsive mess that is "Dex". Now, if only this could fix the squashed, mirrored screen on my monitor, give me back hardware menu buttons and make the mouse pointer scroll the browser screen up and down, and the Note 8 would almost be as good as the Note 2 was! Cheers! Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Mick Wutt Published date: November 27, 2017

    Hate Bixby? This app is worth the 2.50. Now that button opens spotify. I hope you guys send Samsung a Christmas card. I'm sure they're paying for your new boat. Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Published date: October 29, 2017

    Was able to remap the bixby button for 2 days, now unable to do so. Well, lost 1.99 but it was the risk i took. Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Antonio Asti Published date: November 18, 2017

    The application works fine in disabling useless applications and processes. The only missing star is due to the inability to remap Bixby on s8+ Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    suhail QTR Published date: November 12, 2017

    This app is cool as it can freeze bloatwares. But I'm not sure which all bloatwares to disable in my galaxy s7 as my phones battery is draining fast. Can anyone help me with that?? Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Published date: December 11, 2017

    Amended my review. It took a while to get this to work. But finally got it working after spending some time trying to Google why ADB could not see my device. Maybe add a section for people who encounter this where to locate and update driver in device manager. Other than that the app does what it says it does. 3 stars because of ease of use. Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Ed Brown Published date: October 23, 2017

    Excellent. It took down Bixby, Pay, most of ANT, and redundant Samsung apps. I love you. Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Marc Geisler Published date: October 29, 2017

    This is a superb app with excellent support. Support answered my questions right away, and I did what I wanted, which was to get rid of system software updates! So cool. Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Wes Minshall Published date: October 25, 2017

    It's Amazing I had to pay yet another $2 to disable the detrimental garbage on my phone (bixby) but it was worth it. Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Thomas Bekkenes Published date: October 25, 2017

    Works on for disable. Bixby disable does not work on Norwegian ROM at least . That's a shame Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Geoff Published date: November 12, 2017

    Works perfectly for disabling bloat waste. Just make sure you know what you are disabling. Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Lorenzo Juarez Published date: December 4, 2017

    App works good - I can disable any app I choose with no problem at all. The only problem is... my "Device Backup" (by Google) gets permanently turned OFF after I activate this app using ADB on my 'Google Pixel 2 XL' - this is found under "Settings -> System -> Backup". I hope there is a way to fix this in the near future, "Device Backup" is a MUST in case something goes wrong & it's too bad this app totally cripples it after activation. Update: Yes, I am logged back in with my Google Account. I sent a support email to the address listed in the description here & one through the "Feedback" option under BK Disabler's 3-dot menu... still no response though. Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Nate Pointer Published date: October 26, 2017

    Great app and a must have for a new Note 8 to get rid of bloatware and useless "features". Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    Sergei Beets Published date: November 25, 2017

    Works perfectly on Galaxy A3 2017. Disabled everything Samsung and replaced it with up to date google applications instead. Ui/theme could be nicer though. Full Review

  • BK Package Disabler (Android)
    sridhar rao Published date: October 28, 2017

    Amazing app, cured my galaxy S7 battery issues perfectly. Well worth the 2 dollars Full Review