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TomTom Sports

Track your fitness and get motivation for a fitter life in the TomTom Sports app

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  • Current Version: 10.0.0
  • Updated: December 4, 2017
  • Requires Android: 4.4 and up
  • Installs: 500,000 - 1,000,000



Reach your best by tracking all your activities in the TomTom Sports App. See your steps and fitness Trends through Daily Summaries. Reach your goals with motivational feedback, even without a TomTom Sports product.

The TomTom Sports app gets you going
- Allow data import from Google Fit to start tracking your daily activities: steps, calories, active time, and distance
- Set your activity tracking goals and see your progress trends over time
- Compare yourself with other TomTom Sports users of your age, gender, and activity level, with Peer Comparisons
- Get your daily dose of motivation with activity Daily Summaries
- See how you’re doing throughout the day with Hour-by-Hour views and progress Trends
- Share your fitness achievements on your favorite Social Media and get motivation from your friends
- Import weight from a smart scale compatible with Google Fit, and see your Trends in the app.

TomTom Sports app and your TomTom Sports product: the perfect match
The TomTom Sports app is packed with features, yet easy to use. With a TomTom Sports product you will be able to do even more, such as:
- Set your goal for the sport you love. Track your workout with your TomTom Sports product and relive it on the app, with all stats and most recent activities on the Latest tab
- Get all the benefits of tracking your heart rate, including resting heart rate for a summary of your overall fitness, and heart-rate zones for more efficient workouts
- Get Personal Best badges for running, trail running, and cycling activities
- See Personal Best Splits for all activities so you know what stretches you pushed yourself on
- Track your sleep patterns in the Trends tab
- Set a Body Composition goal with TomTom Touch, and track your body muscle and fat percentage change over time
- Dive deeper with Performance Analytics down to the second, including pace, heart rate, elevation, ascent, and speed metrics
- See your Fitness Age, showing you how fit you really are by comparing your VO2 max level with global averages for your age and gender
- Take your performance to the next level with Interval Training and Advanced Workouts, helping you customize your own training and achieve your goals faster
- View your Trails list and details directly in the app, and sync them to your GPS watch
- Simply share your data with other apps like Strava, Endomondo, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, NikePlus, Runkeeper, and more.

Works with the following TomTom Sports products
TomTom Runner, Touch, Adventurer, Spark, and Multi-Sport ranges. Wondering what’s the best device for you? Visit to find out.

Supported Android smartphones
This mobile app works on phones with Bluetooth Smart (4.1 or higher) and Android version 4.4 or higher. The app needs to be connected to the internet to exchange information with your TomTom product. The following Android phones are supported:
- Samsung: S8, S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, S5, S5 Mini, S5 Plus, S4, S4 Mini, A3, A5, Note 3, Note 4, J5,
- Nexus: 5, 5X, 6
- HTC: One M8 and M9
- LG: G4, G5
- Sony: Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact
- Huawei: P10, P9, P9 Lite, P8, P8 Lite, Honor 7
- OnePlus One

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1 3,345 

  • TomTom Sports
    Abdul Gaffaar Hoosain Published date: December 24, 2017

    This review isn't really for the app as I've only had it installed and working for a couple of days and don't know it well enough yet. I had an issue pairing the TomTom Runner 3 Cardio with thr App initially and none of the suggestions on any of the forums or in the user guide helped. I eventually called TomTom support and was very pleasantly surprised with the quick and competent response I received from Cèsar. I intend to update this review once I've had some time to learn the app. Gaffs Hoosain - Cape Town, RSA Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Christoff Bothma Published date: December 30, 2017

    Updated to 1.7.62 after patiently waiting for tom tom to fix the bugs after that disastrous 1.7.53 update. But still my phone, samsung 7, just cant get to the code input part. I love my watch, and use it quite extensively. I have no doubt tom tom will squish this little bug quick quick. Like i said love my tom tom and wont use any another. Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Maren Frerichs Published date: January 7, 2018

    The app keeps getting better and better. It's come a long way in the last 3 years. I would love to see a way to more easily capture sport activities where i'm not constantly wearing my watch - like combat sports. At the moment I use the watch to check recovery between rounds. Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    russell sibley Published date: January 5, 2018

    This app is a big improvement on the original app, it is quick and clear to see many varied bits of information and in a fun way. I like the VO2 and fitness age aspects as well as the obvious activity trackers. I'm sure there are more that could be added like METs but really ok for general health progress and activity review. Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Simon Pater Published date: December 30, 2017

    I love this App! Pity I just got Runner 3 and TomTom decided to leave wearables! Wrong move! Still hope this will be updated regularly and one day they will come back! (Please do it before I will buy different make sportswach, like 2years tops) Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Lewis Carter Published date: December 12, 2017

    ***EDIT*** My watch would only sync with the app if the headphones were connected to the watch. I could not pair the phone to the watch unless the headphones were connected to the watch first... However... I called customer services, they sent an update to my watch and fixed the issue. Now works fantastic, the alerts are a great feature, generic alerts for whatsapp and more would be great but not essential. Thank You TomTom 👊 Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Liam Smith Published date: December 9, 2017

    Not happy with app at moment watch will not syn latest run says its synced but not showing . So ive deleted app reinstalled it and now app keeps saying there's no internet connection. When i know there is as im using internet as im typing. Tried both wifi and using 4g no luck. Normally very happy with app and love my watch. Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Scott Harding Published date: December 30, 2017

    After reading or the issue in other reviews I was worried it wouldn't work. However it worked 1st time and hassle free. Still in the early stages of using the app (only 1 day) but look forward to using it every day in the New Year. Thanks TomTom for a great product. Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Michal Gajdos Published date: December 7, 2017

    I CAN'T BELIEVE that after so many negative feedbacks, tomtom still cannot release a stable app for bluetooth connection. My nokia in 2005 did it better. Shame on you tomtom. I will never recommend your product. It's 2017 and i wasted 1 hour connecting my watch to my phone without success. Amateurs Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Jordan Barrett Published date: December 3, 2017

    Experienced some sync issues with the latest watch update. This is not the fault of the app, and I contacted customer support to be put on the beta test for version 1.7.60. No more issues! app works flawlessly. Lots of good info to be had and reviewed. Just remember that the app and your watch are designed more to track specific workouts and some all day stats. It is not set up to be a health tracker like a fitbit. The combination works great for me, and I love both the app and the watch. Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Michał Kabocik Published date: January 8, 2018

    TomTom, what are you thinking of? Couple weeks ago watch stopped synchronizing with the phone app. Factory reset of the watch and app reinstallation doesn't help. It doesn't work both for Android and IOS, so it's definitely watch software fault. Previously I rated the app for 5 stars, but now? TomTom, I waiting for your reply. Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Kyle Imeson Published date: December 18, 2017

    Can't sync. Alerts not showing. Really frustrating. It should just work. Just shows as "connecting" continuously then times out. It doesn't help being told to call into a call centre of two countries I don't live in. Should have email support. Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Jordan Planck Published date: December 19, 2017

    Great app with a lot of useful features. Only thing I don't like is the slouch guy card comes up because you ran slower than usual. Not all runs/workouts are going to be better than the last. Some are supposed to be slow. How about an encouraging picture instead? Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Yasser Behardien Published date: December 4, 2017

    I updated my software for my watch to version 1.7.53 and now when my watch gives the Bluetooth pin but the phone does not move on to next screen so that I can enter it. I am using a runner 3 cardio This cannot be the issue as it worked perfectly fine with my Huawei also outlines I tried it on a P10 and it the same issue Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Published date: January 15, 2018

    Heart rate monitoring only good if used with a chest strap. Erratic syncing between watch and smartphone TomTom app. TomTom have replied this is because my smartphone is not on the approved list; as shown on Google Play. Would have been helpful to include this list in the full user manual. As it is it merely mentions 'your smartphone' with no qualification. Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Radovan Čihák Published date: December 26, 2017

    The application itself is getting better and more stable lately. Anyway I would really appreciate the possibility to merge at least two activities into one. GPS enabled during pause is meaningless and consumes battery power. It would be far more efficient to stop GPS tracking while paused or at least decrease GPS loging frequency while paused. Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Luther Gerber Published date: January 13, 2018

    Experiencing the same syncing problems as what other users described in comments below. Sent email to tomtom to assist, but no reply. Slightly disappointed as I now need to link watch to computer every time I need to sync, leaving me with no need for the app. Thank you Becky and team for the quick reply. The fix you suggested sorted the problem. Compliments on the after sales service. You have secured another satisfied customer and ambassador of your brand. Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Tom Morris Published date: January 19, 2018

    Well I feel like watch is a waste of time. App won't connect to my watch. So I got my runner 2 couple of days ago. It connected at first. Then I updated the watch and now it won't connect. I deleted the app and still no joy. When I try to connect the watch pin comes up but the app just says trying to connect Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Sha-de Joseph Published date: December 14, 2017

    It's keeps disconnecting. I have to delete the app and instal again. If I leave my phone at my desk and walk to the other side of the building, it disconnects and won't sync back up when in range. If my phone dies, and the bluebooth goes off, it disconnects and won't come back on. I love the watch and the features but this is terrible. I don't want to have to connect to my laptop all the time to know what's going on with my progress. Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    sujoy sen Published date: December 4, 2017

    I recently updated my spark cardio gps to 1.7.53 version...and now the the watch just doesn't sync with the app at all. It keeps getting disconnected..or it keep searching.. really annoying. The watch itself is great but whays the point when it can upload its data to an app. Tomtom please resolve this issue asap. 30 Nov. Tom tom customer care is great. I called them...and they immidiately sent a fix update on my account and easy step by step directions on how to reset the watch n fix the new update. And now it seems to work just fine. Thx for the quick n effective response. Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Gray Scott Published date: January 16, 2018

    Doesn't include handicap for golf. Very amateurish! Go on TomTom website. No tel or email. Just a contact button which funnily enough doesn't work. Avoid all TomTom products. Oh and TomTom app not say you're note the request for an update as you've been saying that for 3 years now. Mugs Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    ANTONIO G. Published date: December 21, 2017

    Edit--- Syncing is a nightmare. It does not show the latest synced workout until app is removed from memory and restarted. And sometimes not even that way. Really annoying. --- I not giving higher score because of missing capability to build personal running workout series like other apps do (e.g. Endomondo). Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Daniel Chapman Published date: January 8, 2018

    The app is good, but far too often it won't connect up to the watch. I've had to uninstall the app twice this week to get it working again which is annoying. Hoping this will improve because when working, it's well designed and does a good job. Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Andre Furlan Camargo Published date: January 20, 2018

    Loved my tomtom multisport watch which worked perfectly with the app for few years. Now I bought a new one Runner 3 as I wanted the heart rate feature. However, now I cannot pair the watch w my sansung 7. Tried everything. A bit disappointing. Hope I can get some feedback from TomTom. Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Artem Terentyev Published date: December 1, 2017

    Decent app, very useful in terms of tracking progress and fitness goals. One drawback is the sync function, which seem to work in mysterious way. Sometimes it only syncs when my connection changes from Wi-Fi to mobile or vice versa. Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Adam South Published date: January 7, 2018

    Elements of the apps, I really like. The user face is much crisper. I'm disappointed that you have moved the ability to look at annual totals. Edit The app is really starting to work for me. Today's update is a bit buggy with a lots of freezes. Edit: please can you make the share images changeable. .. I never run on a track but that's the only share image available. Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Published date: January 14, 2018

    Phone App updated yesterday, now the app keeps saying there is an error connecting to my account and to log in again. I do this successfully and the app starts searching for my device (gps music cardio series 2). It never finds it. My phone is Samsung galaxy s5 running android 5. Bluetooth says it is pared. I have loaded latest update to the watch using tomtom dirts connect on my pc. The PC app is upto date showing my latest run. Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Published date: January 2, 2018

    After a frustrating experience with a faulty Fitbit Charge 2, i was completely put off by Fitbits altogether and decided to try a TomTom fitness tracker. Best decision ever! I now absolutely LOVE my TomTom Cardio BCA and set up took minutes. My TomTom motivates me everyday and the App is too easy to use. I would recommend TomTom trackers to everyone of any fitness level, beginners and fitness pro's alike. Thank you TomTom! Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Riccardo Vescovo Published date: January 5, 2018

    I really like TomTom sports products and I am really pissed that this all will be discontinued. This app is clear and nice, non perfect but improving update after update. It works well with my tracker. I really can't get over TomTom's decision to discontinue the sports business unit, but I will use it until possible. -- ps: I know that you wont release a 4th generation, this is official on the news. I was expressing my opinion with my words, no need to make a press release under every user comment. :) Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Published date: November 30, 2017

    Spark 3 won't sync or pair with the app after the last update. I've tried all the troubleshooting tips from the website. No luck. Hopefully they'll get this resolved. Edit: I contacted support via the email address provided. Issue is now resolved. Syncing is a little slow. Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Jim South Published date: January 2, 2018

    Haven't been un-able to use the app to sync for nearly a year now. I have un-installed and reinstalled reset my tomtom watch and tried on different phones! The app is now totally useless! Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Bruin Hutchings Published date: January 5, 2018

    I have not been able to sync over Bluetooth with my TomTom spark cardio with music for over 2 months, about half the time I have owned the watch. I have patiently waited and updated the watch and the phone app when updates become available in the hope that this issue will have been resolved. This is trash. My girlfriend's Garmin has never had a hiccup like this. Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Matthew Wilson Published date: January 16, 2018

    New update will not pair app installed on LG G4 with watch (TomTom Adventurer). Help would be appreciated from TomTom. --- Issue resolved - beta version has fixed the pairing issue. Really appreciate the good customer service as well. Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    C Burrows Published date: January 11, 2018

    After the new update my watch would not sync correctly or at all, I tried to pair new but wouldnt work so I reset the tomtom spark.. still doesn't sync my activities regret buying a TomTom Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Tasja Meyer Published date: December 28, 2017

    I struggled to sync my phone with my watch after an update. I sent support a message explaining this, and within no time i got an answer and a fix. Thank you so much. 2018 is going to be the best fitness year yet 💪 Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Published date: December 16, 2017

    Great watch, sync can be erratic but always ends up working. Would like to be able turn off the annoying messages, although can dismiss most of them. Suggestion; have lap time capability when in other than stopwatch activity...? Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Andrew Boyling Published date: January 2, 2018

    Was given a spark which synced first time and worked great. It said that there was a firmware update available. It updated to 1.7.62 and now won't pair. Have tried many approaches but always stops at pass code. Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Tom van den Belt Published date: December 25, 2017

    MySport does what can be expected from a sports app, but never goes beyond expectations. TomTom, some areas where you could improve: - Notifications on how your day-to-day health is changing. E.g., Average resting heart rate goes up from 45 to 55 over the course of a week. What does this mean for the user? - Notifications as TomToms battery is running low. - Active suggesting to improve lifestyle/health. - Adjusting exercises for weather. Seriously. Running half a marathon on a windy, minus 5° Celsius is not comparable to a run on a summer evening. Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Paul Duffus Published date: December 12, 2017

    There's currently a bug which prevents the app syncing to TomTom watches via bluetooth, which is really the only reason to put the app on your phone in the first place, i.e., to easily transfer details of your latest run. So the app is fundamentally useless. Please fix this, TomTom. Full Review

  • TomTom Sports
    Madeleine Moss Published date: December 25, 2017

    The simplicity if the app suits my needs and I love that its user friendly. The over techincal options does not help the goals set! When the watch does go out of sync it is a bit of a hassle to plug into pc to pair which is being pedantic. I gave it five stars even with the little pairing flaw its still better for my personal needs! Full Review